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  Great Artists: David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright

   The Histadrut Seder


Central Plaza
New York City
Histadrut Third Seder

enlarged image


David Pinski is third from the right next to Einstein, a guest of the Seder. Mrs. Einstein is to Einstein's right and Joseph Sprinzak is to her right. Years later, Joseph Sprinzak became Speaker of the Knesset. Anna Schlossberg is on Sprinzak's right. Joseph Schlossberg is seated at the far right. Adele Pinski is standing behind Schlossberg on the far right. Morris Feinstone (then the secreatry of the United Hebrew Trades) is directly behind Einstein and Isaac Hamlin is to the right of Finestone. The poet Chaim Greenberg is between Pinski and Schlossberg.

In 1933, Einstein, while visiting the United States, learned that Hitler had been elected Chancellor of Germany and decided not to return to his homeland. He then accepted a position as professor of theoretical physics at Princeton University. In 1935, he began the process that would eventually give him his United States citizenship.

Throughout the 1930s Einstein received many pleas from his relatives and others who wanted to escape the conditions that existed for Jews in Europe. He worked assiduously against the restrictive immigration quotas that were imposed against the Jews. Einstein wrote many affidavits and sought the help of others he knew to aid as many Jewish refugees as he could.

Also, Einstein raised funds for such groups as the United Jewish appeal and worked toward establishing a Jewish homeland in Palestine.


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