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Great Artists: David Pinski, Yiddish Playwright

David Pinski with his grandson Gabriel
Riverside Drive
New York, New York
June 1943


David Pinski and wife Adele lived in Manhattan (New York City) for many years.

From grandson Gabriel:
"My father grew up in the large brownstone family house at 773 Beck Street in the Bronx. I am not sure exactly when David Pinski moved to Manhattan, but the only location I can remember he and my grandmother living in during my youth was 229 West 78th Street (corner Broadway) on the 14th floor (I think) of an apartment building. I lived at 92nd Street and Broadway less than a mile away.

    Apart from his writings, he was always active in Labor Zionist organizations including Histadrut and the Farband. He was also on the board of HIAS. He used to travel a lot on lecture tours but not after my grandmother had a stroke in 1946. He always sent me picture postcards
which I have, of course."


Hear Gabriel Pinski speak more about his grandfather.

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