Eastern European Jewry
A Yiddish World's Struggle for Survival


Where Once
There Were Jews:
Łapy, Poland

World Jewish

Persecution and Flight:
The Nazi Campaign
Against the Jews


The Jewish Ghetto

Never Forget: Visions
of the Nazi Camps

Stories from our
Ancestral Homes

from Home

How We Worked

Walk in my Shoes:
Collected Memories
of the Holocaust

Anti-Semitism in Europe:
The Pogroms Against the Jews


Life Under
Czarist Rule

Jews in the
Russian Army

Holocaust Memorials
 of Europe


The Synagogues of Europe: Past and Present

Yiddish Theatre
in Europe:
 The Fischer Family


Letters from

Town with a
Jewish Past

Studios of
Eastern Europe

After the War:
The MIKT Troupe

The Life of

Nina Finkelstein

Zionism in Europe

The history of the Jewish people of Eastern Europe is tragic, yet bittersweet.

In this permanent Museum of Family History exhibition "Eastern European Jewry: A Yiddish World's Struggle for Survival," topics relating to Jewish family life in Eastern Europe before, during and in the years following the end of the Second World War, are discussed.

To see a full listing of material available at the Museum about Eastern European Jewry, please visit the Museum's Site Map page.





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