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Permanent Exhibitions

Eastern European Jewry


From the Pale
to the Golden Land:
How our Families
Came to America





Living in America:
The Jewish Experience

World Holocaust Memorials

The Cemetery Project


Walk in My Shoes: Collected Memories of the Holocaust

The Museum of Family History is a virtual (Internet-only) museum, and thus is open to all, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The best overview of what the Museum has to offer can be gotten through use of the Site Map page.

Interactive floor maps will be coming soon, offering the Museum visitor an alternate way of touring the Museum.

Such maps present an image of how the Museum might look internally if it was constructed of "brick and mortar" and existed in the real world.

There are three maps that will be made available for viewing, and they will be interactive.

The three maps will be for the main floor and second floor, as well as for the outdoor music pavilion.

This virtual museum also contains two restaurants:

On the main floor is the "Gut Essen Delicatessen," where one may sample delicious lunch fare. A dessert menu is also available.

On the second floor is "My Family Restaurant," an exquisite facility available for fine dining--both restaurants are kosher only.

The rooftop gardens and arboretum serve food and drink during special events.


Explore the
Education and
Research Center

 Explore / Jewish History



Journey by Sea:
Voyage of Opportunity

Explore / Genealogy  


Library of Congress
Geography and Map
Reading Room




Family History Theatre


The Museum's Family History Theatre is designed
to familiarize the visitor with some its contents
through a myriad of both sound and video clips.

The Screening Room

The Museum supports those who have created films with Jewish themes. In the Screening Room, you may watch short previews of many Jewish documentaries...

Select from list

Special Exhibition

Great Artists Series: The Immortal Al Jolson  

 Jolson entertains the troops during World War II.

Click on the above photo to see this short video.
First turn on your speakers.
If the video does not appear, read the section
on "Interactivity" that is shown on the right.


Events to Watch For in 2008-2009

2 Aug-7 Aug 2009
International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies
Sheraton Philadelphia Center City Hotel
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



  What's new  ►

Great Artists Series 

David Pinski,
Yiddish Playwright



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Postcards from Home



The Museum offers audio and video clips within a number of exhibitions. These may be selected by the museum visitor  to enhance their experience.

Look for the and symbols that will indicate that there is an audio or video component attached to that exhibition or webpage.

Technology changes very quickly; without an updated media player, the video and audio clips may not be able to be seen or heard. They are best played using updated media players such as
Apple's QuickTime or Windows Media Player 7 or above. However, saying that, some computers with older operating systems may not support newer versions of these media players.

If there is a problem, you should also check to make sure that your media player is set up to play the type of clip provided.

Also a hi-speed Internet is recommended, as the use of phone lines for Internet access may result in interminably long download times.

Look for links provided on this site to freely download a more updated media player.
You can click on the "Downloads" link provided at the links bar below to see what free downloads the Museum offers.



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