Painting a Picture
Remembering the Lost Jewish Community of Czernowitz, Ukraine

Czernowitz is a member of the Museum's World Jewish Communities

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Judisches Haus

Judisches Haus, 2004


Take the virtual Czernowitz/Bukowina tour through the Museum's collection of both photographs and testimony of those who lived in this city through the mid to late 1940s.
Where you see the earphones icon, follow the link to hear the audio testimony.

The Czernowitz/Bukowina family tour will evolve over time. For now, click on any of the page titles below to begin your tour and return back to this page to continue to the next "station."

Imagine you are in a "real" museum and you decide to take an audio tour of a certain aspect of the Museum's collection. You put on the infrared earphones the museum provides you, and you perhaps receive a paper or brochure that explains to you where in the museum all the material relative to an author or subject is (here it's the city of Czernowitz and the Bukowina), and you follow the directions provided for the tour and then proceed from room to room, from station to station.

Below are listed the rooms in which each exhibition is located. Where no room is listed, the exhibition stands on its own, in its own "room." So enjoy the tour!

01. Exhibition: "Czernowitz: Town With a Jewish Past" (work-in-progress)

02. The First World War: "The Jews in Bukowina (1914-1919) -World War and Russian Occupation"

03. Jewish Enlightenment: "On the History of the Jews in Czernowitz"

04. Zionism in Europe: "History of Hashomer Hatzair in Bukowina"

05. The Rabbis and their Prayer Houses: "Rabbi Abraham Mark of Czernowitz"

06. The ERC Lecture Series: "Growing Up in Czernowitz," by Julius Scherzer 

07. The Jewish Orphanage: "The Oeuvre de secours aux Enfants"

08.  Yiddish Vinkl Bookstore: "Voices of Czernowitz: Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger"

09. Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays: "My Grandfather's Restaurant in Czernowitz"

10. Aliyot to Palestine, Returning to the Promised Land: "Anny Matar"

11. Jewish Hospitals: "The Jewish Hospital in Czernowitz"

12. Tales from the Kosher Kitchen: "The 'Splendid' Restaurant of Czernowitz"

13. History of the Yiddish Language: "The Academic Association, 'Jewish Culture' in Czernowitz"

14. Zionism in Europe: "The Betarim of Czernowitz"

15. Rites of Passage/The Bar Mitzvah: "The Soviets Come to Czernowitz"

16. The Jewish Press in Europe: "The Czernowitzer Morgenblatt"

17. The Jewish Press in Europe: "The Jews Press in Bukovina"

18. Labor Unions and Revolutionary Movements: "The History of the Jewish Worker Movement Bund in Bukovina"

19. Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays: "Purim in Czernowitz"

20. Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays: "Childhood Memories of Pesach"

21. Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays: "A Purim Celebration"

22. Shabbat and the Jewish Holidays: "Sukkot: A Special Holiday"

23. Czernowitz: Town With a Jewish Past: "Before Memories Fade: Selma and her Friends"

24. Between the Wars/Jewish Life in Europe in the 1930s: "My Teenage Years in Czernowitz"

25. "Cultural Evenings in Czernowitz"


Visit the Museum's Czernowitz town index page to learn what else is available about this town.


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