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Video Index


Listed below are all the film and video located within the virtual realm of the Museum of Family History. The film clips shown within the Museum's Film Series are not listed here, as they are only shown for a limited amount of time and are not part of the Museum's permanent video collection.

Video clips begin immediately, so please turn on speakers before you click on any of the links below.
The index is arranged alphabetically, according to the name of the exhibition.

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             Eastern European CityScape:
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             The Films of Tomek Wisniewski (44):

             Great Artists Series:

                "The Immortal Al Jolson" (17)

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          The ERC Lecture Series:

              The Lower East Side of New York:

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             Paint What You Remember: The Memories of Mayer Kirshenblatt:

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             The Screening Room (31):

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            Walk in My Shoes: Collected Memories of the Holocaust/Family History Theatre:

             Arthur Rosenthal from Miskolc, Hungary, 1995:

             World War II and the Holocaust:


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